My helpful study tip for those new to learning!

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I think one of the hardest problems when new to study or returning after some years is how to go about putting your assignments into a coherent structure. I have found that it is quite impossible at times to expect the brain to be trying to decide what to write and putting it in an order at the same time. So my advice is to just write! Then only when you have finished writing, read it through and try to structure it better. It works for me! Would be interested to hear how others go about doing their written assignments? :)
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Posted 6 years ago

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Good advise emma, I brainstorm ideas, highlight and write. Then it all comes together. Good luck with the rest of your course emma :)
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That's a good advice Emma.
I spontaneously write in a structured way (most of the time to be honest), because I'm used to that since I was little. lollll! I'm just that way.
When I go to the supermarket, the way I put the items into the trolley is in a specific order, like if I was automatically organizing them according to their shape, weight, and type, etc... the cashier usually looks at me with a puzzled face (lollll), because most other people just throw stuff into the trolley, and later might or not sort their items and put them in order, in bags or boxes... Same with how my brain processes ideas and gives them a structure before my hand starts writing (or fingers typing on the keyboard). lolllll!!!! I'm a maniac about order and organization. lolllllllllllllllllllllllllll
But you know, people are different. And I'm sure your advice will help a lot who get stuck as you described! Cheers
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I think this will really help me, because it's been a very long time I stopped reading and getting back to it now looks somehow as I don't even know how to start my first assignment. But I think I will try the idea and see how my brain works with it I know with time I will catch up with the flow. Tha ks I love the idea a lot.
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I do mind mapping and note taking. I try to keep the question in my mind when looking for more information, quotes etc to use in my assignments.