clinical herbalists! pop down your tinctures and herbs and come join the chat ;)

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how many of you folks are doing the clinical herbalism course? how are you finding it ? have you any previous experience? and are you thinking of carrying on to a medical herbalism degree?
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Posted 8 years ago

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Hi Mark, I'm taking the phytotherapy course and i'm absolutely loving it. I'm finding the pace at which activities are set really works for me. As for the future i'm not sure if a degree is on the cards especially since i already hold a higher degree, so no student funding for me, and i think the ten thousand a year needed for tuition fees would be to much. So i'm happy to work with my stonebridge and NCFE qualification. How about you? what are your plans?

take care

jimmy x
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Hi James
How long have you been studying phyto-therapy (master herbalist)? I have just handed in my last assignment (diet & nutrition) and thinking of proceeding with the master herbalist course. What do you love about the course?
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Hi James!

sorry for the late reply!! I've been trying to look after and train a hyper active GSDx puppy! lol and fit in my 9-5 and couple of side projects to fund my future practice! so pretty hectic hehe ;)

well my plans are to go on and study for a Medical herbalist degree and of course open a practice up! so far I'm finding it pretty easy but very interesting!! (when I've got the time lol)

how are you finding your course? I'm looking to start another and think it may very compliment the clinical herbalism course very well.

glad you're enjoying your studies! if you ever need a second set of eyes to read over an assignment or bounce ideas / theories off drop me a message!

take care mate.

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I am thinking of doing the clinical herbalist course and I am asking anyone who has done the course or is the process of doing the course, firstly how good is it and secondly, has anyone gone on to be a herbal therapist/practitioner having done the course. Or have you found that in order to practice, you have had to go on to do a degree?
I want to be able to recommend herbal treatments to customers in a professional sense ( running my own business) and would like to know if this course allows me to do so. If not, I would need to consider taking the degree which would cost me a significant amount of time and money, when I am looking to change my career in the next couple of years.
Any advice/help would be most appreciated, as I would like to make a decision about these courses soon.

Thank you
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Hi Karen,

Well personally I'm looking to progress to a medical herbalist degree with clinical training and hands on experience of creating suitable treatments and then setup a practice. My plan is about 6years of time but it will be worth it!

Im viewing the course as an introduction but due to the lack of actual hands on experience id be reluctant to actually treat anybody beyond very basic ailments and herbs. Which is made clear in the course material this is the level being taught. Having said that, I'm treating my current torn ligament injury I've sustained to an effective manner.

As for the course I'm finding it very easy but very interesting aswell. Its a very good insight into the world of a herbalist! And keeps my interest. I found the clinical side a bit basic, but again its the level of the course and I've studied anatomy and physiology to a higher level previously.

All in all its a good first step that im using as proof of interest and dedication to the field when applying for uni next year. Another post of mine outlines some books I've got and read theyre well worth it to get a wider view as well as clinical implications of herbs as treatment.

Im enjoying the course and glad I'm studied it. But will be progressing much further in the field over the next decade

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Hi Mark! You may want to check out this link:
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Looking for an accredited Herbalist.

Any recently accredited Herbalists out there?

This is a bit of a long shot but here we go: I am currently studying the Clinical Herbalism Course and although I have been using herbs for over 20 years I am not qualified to diagnose and prescribe for patients.

Due to my interest in herbs for my own treatment I have gained interest from friends and acquaintances who wish to become my patients! SO:

Are there any Herbalists out there who have recently finished the Herbalism course and are looking to gain clients on a 3 way basis? I would like to be part of the communications but ultimately they would be your clients as you would be diagnosing them and assisting them in treatments.

If you are interested in talking about this with me then please respond
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Hello Cara :)

Well, I am certainly interested in teaming up with other studying/qualified Herbalists!

My dream is also to set-up a small business to diagnose and treat patients with herbal remedies. However I've heard that the Government is taking steps to regulate Herbal Practitioners this year, so that registration to the NIMN is required (and a university degree in Herbal Medicine is usually required for NIMH membership).

As someone who has already received a first degree, the costs and time required to study for a second degree in Herbal Medicine are simply unaffordable.
My plan therefore is:

 - To gain a Diploma-level qualification with Stonebridge (the Master Herbalist Level 5 is equivalent to second year of university)

- Apprentice with an established Herbalist in order to clock up the hours of clinical practice required to join the NIMH.

As you can see therefore, I am very interested in reaching out to the Herbal community and make contact with already practicing professionals.

If you wish to talk further my email is