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I have recently completed my course and felt inspired if it’s ok to share what I hope what might be useful information for everyone about how I had coped and may help others who need some help too.

To have the chance to learn something at an affordable cost, in my own time and something I felt passionate to learn brought a sense of excitement, why wouldn’t it! So looking forward to it, settled in my chair, laptop on knee and opened my first assignment. Well ok, this looks good, clear, simple and understanding, first assignment done and sent back to Stonebridge, yep the excitement is still here, feelin’ good about first assignment. :-)

Mmm, getting into the depths of assignments, passion and motivation being challenged a little now, especially with my daughter tugging at my arm, dog wants to go out and the phone ringing, rubbing my forehead, exhaling. Err, not a good night tonight on this assignment I think. Resorting to closing my file in order to attend to family life. This is the point I start self talk “Mmm? Maybe not a good idea I took a course. So many distractions, what was I thinking!” :-[

After a good night’s sleep, waking to clearer thoughts of needing to get back to the course, but how? Over the time of the course when certain assignments where challenging, I decided to ‘plan’ to first settle down one night, kids in bed, dog sleeping, (ah, finally peace!) And just to ‘read that assignment only’, I didn’t move onto the questions, but by deciding to just read the assignment I could then relax in the knowing I didn’t have to complete everything so quickly, Just to sit back and read slowly and absorb all the information.

Next night, by I now had discovered the best time to sit back down with my course, began researching and working through the questions. I admit there were some assignments that did really challenge me, ‘well I am learning something new, my mind is waking up again’ but By now I had come too far through the course where something inside said ‘don’t give up, look how far you have come and what you have so far achieved’ feeling this I was adamant not to give up, I decided to spend time researching, the more knowledge I could get the more confident I felt I was answering the questions.

My course is nearing the end now, feeling a little drained, my mind at times saying ‘Please no more’ still it was unaware of the enrichment of personal development awaiting it and the new opportunities for new experiences, mixed with an urge to get there I strived on. The relief I experienced when submitting the final exam, phew, I got there. Then getting that email telling me that I had passed was such a euphoric moment, I told everyone in my family over and over, yet still couldn’t believe ‘I had done that’, still not sunk in. I feel proud of achieving something I thought would not be possible, proud to have stuck at it when at times wanted to give up, at the times questioning the courses value in my life, and if I could find the time with the pressures of work and family life.

But I am saying to myself ‘I did it’. You know even saying this I know and feel you can too, easier saying than doing I know, but I hope others can connect with similar experiences in their courses as I have and can hold on to their own inner motivation and belief too. It will be worth it.

What helped me most:
A coffee to start with. :-)
Planning the best time to study and setting a time for how long. In this way I kept balance doing the course with family and work.
Family also knew the time and was supportive.
Reading and ‘relaxing to absorb’ an assignment one evening, then moving on to a question(s) on a separate night(s).
Sitting comfortably, not restricted.
Low relaxing music in earphones from laptop (For me it was a mix of Thomas Newman, James Horner, Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard) really helped set the mood, cuts out external distractions and for concentration.

Finally I wanted to say that one significant thing that kept my motivation was the feedback from my tutor, At times when I wanted to close the file, I read the feedback from the previous assignment from my tutor and felt genuinely supported, that the positive feedback was ‘real’, I felt someone could see what I was capable of where I may have not, this genuinely spurred me on. I cannot express enough how much this had helped, you know what!...I opened my file again. So a personal thank you to my tutor.

I genuinely believe others can achieve whatever they want, by holding on to that excitement and the idea of what you had hoped for at the start, holding on to believing you have the capability and challenging any negative thoughts that try to convince you different, and if ever at times asking yourself if taking the course was right?

Make sure you get to the other side, to the end, and I wish for everyone to experience such pride on such 'a personal achievement' it does make a difference.

Thank you for reading my experience, I felt may help others to reach that end they deserve and to keep that motivation you have within you. I hope to consider taking another course sometime in the new year, but for now have a happy xmas everyone, trust you have the ability to do well on your courses. :-)
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Posted 4 years ago

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That's a fantastic review of your time studying with us here at Stonebridge, Andre! Some great advice for current students who might be feeling a little drained at the end of the year.

Thank you and we're very happy you achieved your goal! If you could leave us your contact email, we'd love to get in touch with you about your experience with us. Thanks again!
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Thank you. Learning 'again' can be daunting and exciting at the same time, sharing my experience may have helped others to connect with their own similar experiences, there will be days of challenges, but also there can be many days experiencing a sense of reward which outweighs them.

Of course, I have left my email with you through the Stonebridge contact us page.